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Where Is Our Rupture?: A Community Response


Where is Your Rupture? Andy Warhol, 1960, water-based paint on canvas

 I am doing an installation on Andy Warhol’s famous Where is your rupture? . The installation will transform the original work, which centers on the non-descript, schematic gender-neutral form, to revolve around queer bodies of color.

The piece is meant to serve as a community piece produced from many different voices within the women (cis-gendered females or otherwise) of color community.

Participation in the installation is simple. Analyze for yourself what the question is asking and then answer it. The answer can come in the form of an audio response (a recording of a piece of spoken word or monologue/dialogue, or conversation), a written piece (poem, essay, etc), or a visual work (photo, painting, drawing, digital work). You may submit as many responses as you like, of any length and in any form of completion. Please provide a short explanation of your work with your submission.

The submission deadline is Monday, April 1st 2013. Please e-mail responses and inquiries about the project to You can also send me a message on my tumblr page, Wax Photogenic.

For more information about the original work, I recommend the excerpt from Jennier Doyle’s Sex Objects: Art And The Dialects of Desire on the piece. A preview can be found on Google Books.

Thank you for your submissions!

A video that Bri and I made as a final project about people, first and foremost, who happen to be queer. Enjoy!

P.S. sorry about the long break :)

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You guys.

"Girls like you are very fertile and need to be careful. Very careful."

My girlfriend’s doctor said this to her today.

Last week, she went to the doctor because she has these horrible and frequent headaches. She finally decided to get some tests run and got the results back today.

She’s got Sinusitis and Anemia. Both easily treatable. Crisis averted.

But apparently these two diagnoses combined turns you into an actual, factual baby making machine!

"Girls like you"? What kind of girls are those?

Sexy ones.

Who are dating Shane.


LOLing forever.


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After three long months,

MK is coming back to Claremont next week!

Who said long distance relationships were no good?

Honestly, the worst thing about it wasn’t even the lack of sex or the 9 hour time difference.

It was having to rely on Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook to talk to my girl with a shitty  connection because we’re continents away. It was not being able to physically comfort one another.

Gay shit like that.

But anyway, now that that’s all coming to an end, and with Bri Bri and I reunited and our schedule surely clearing up, let’s talk about getting this blog back on the straight and narrow!

Or the unfixably crooked, queer and directionless.

Same thing.


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Does not know

where the summer has gone.

But Bri Bri is back!

And we’re going to post some shit.


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Can we come up with an actual time converter

so that we can convert real time into queer time?

Because I swear.

If we’ve been dating for more than two months,

we’re married.

Why is 5 moths straight time equal to three years queer time?

We need a formula.

I’m going to work on it and let you know what I find.


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Is there something about queers…

that makes us hate the idea of office jobs?

I’ve gotta tell you, every young dyke that I know is creative, artistic and free spirited in some way or another.

And personally, the idea of your average 9 to 5 makes me want to scream. I’ve got to do something that allows me to still have band practice once or twice a week!

Does not being bound by society’s confinements include not sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day?


Honestly, it makes me happy that my lifestyle norm is so flexible. I’m working in the PR office again next year and if it weren’t for the fact that I get to take pictures every day and am only sitting at a computer for an hour or two a day, I would go crazy. I intern for them full time right now, 40 hours a week and I’m so bored most of the time I could cry.

After freaking out for years about what I want to do with my life, I can say that I at least have a good idea of what I DON’T want to do.

That’s a good start.


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My sister

ripped her (ex?) husband apart yesterday for using the word “faggot”. He’s a total fucking homophobe towards gay men, saying that they are “disgusting” and unnatural. 

But this post isn’t about him.

It’s about how proud I am of my sister. She has grown so much into her own skin.

My two sisters and I grew up with Jehovah’s Witnesses as grandparents. There is no such thing as homosexuality. Yet, we all defied them trying to instill in us that same-sex relationships were wrong.

My older sister (the bad ass, telling-bitches-off one) is bi-sexual.

I love vagina.

My younger sister…has gay tendencies, LMAO!

No one can tell me that you choose to be gay. Not when we all grew up in such a hostile environment and still couldn’t help but love whoever the fuck we want.

Fuck that guy.


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My god…

did not forget about this blog!

Stay strong.


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What’s up with all of these new followers???

Fucking awesomeness, that’s what. I don’t know what we’re doing to attract people, but it feel nice :)

Also, I see you, New York.

I see you.


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